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Rodeo Bar, New York City NY, May 2007
Special thanks to Joe Anderson for sending us these great pics
of Webb and his boys rockin' the big Apple! We also had one picture
sent in by Tom Comet at the end there.

Beatnecks Bob Williams, Bryan Owings, and Tom Comet join Webb onstage at Rodeo Bar (pic #1). Tom Comet sings along at Rodeo Bar (pic #2). Another nice shot of Tom and his winnin' grin, at the Rodeo Bar (pic #3). Webb onstage at the Rodeo Bar (pic #4). Tom, rockin' the buffalo, at Rodeo Bar (pic #5). Bob Williams playing alongside Webb once again, at the Rodeo Bar (pic #6). Once-and-again Beatneck Drummer Bryan Owings on the skins (pic #7). Twang! (pic #8). Webb and Tom, and a reeeal bright ''Elvis Presley Blvd'' sign, at the Rodeo Bar (pic #9). Give me a home, where the buffalo roam! Ah! They're here. (pic #10). This aftershow group shot was sent in by Tom. Bob, Tom's sister Julie (who was also in NYC that day), Tom, Bryan, and Webb (pic #11).

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