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Fitzgerald's Night Club, Berwyn IL, April 2005
This was a special night, as it was one of a couple
of release party gigs for Webb's new album, "About Time!"
The last row of shots shown here were submitted by
Chicago WW superfan Ken Stahl. Thanks Ken!!

Jimmy Lester behind that spiffy new-design drumset. Whoaw yeah! Let's get 'er started! Tony Bowles workin' as Jimmy drums. Webb sings, he does that sometimes! Another one of Tony and Jimmy. Webb and Tom Comet, bellerin' and a-shoutin'! Jimmy drums in back while Tony and Webb shoot it out. Dodgin' a hex while slidin'... Webb singin' again. Just cain't stop that Webb from singin'! Yowww!!! Tony drivin' some wicked long notes! Last shot of Tony and Jimmy. Tony & Webb rip it up! (Photo credit: Ken Stahl) Tony Bowles strums the fretboard.  (Photo credit: Ken Stahl) Here's a unique shot, taken from behind the guys. (Photo credit: Ken Stahl) Whack'em Jimmy! (Photo credit: Ken Stahl)

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