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Fitzgerald's Night Club, Berwyn IL, September 2004
Several of these photos were submitted by fan
Big Wally Walters... Thanks Wally!

George Bradfute (AKA, The Tone Chaperone) and Webb kickin' it off right. Greg Morrow stands by for the next number. Tom Comet provides some assistin' vocals. We will serve no rock before its time. George and Webb Excuse me, I guess I misunderstood... I thought that was *my* house... Greg Morrow on drums, givin' em a rough time! Oh yeah... THUMP! She told me a whopper this big!! 'Cause she was step-step-steppin' out on me! Webb belts it out! Tom does his thing (credit: W. Walters). A good shot of George from the left of the stage (credit: W. Walters). George and Webb (credit: W. Walters). Another one of Webb (credit: W. Walters). Webb fends off some evil spirits... (credit: W. Walters) Is it just us, or is it getting hot in here? (credit: W. Walters)

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