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Fitzgerald's Night Club, Berwyn IL, January 2004
Some photos from this show were supplied by Tom Renz, AKA Zelmo.
Tom's photos are credited in the captions. Thanks a lot, Tom!

Tom Comet, playin' bass, and he's got his cool blinkey LED dial lights goin...!! Webb, workin' the fretboard. Tom Comet, thumpin' once again. Jimmy Lester on drums, George Bradfute on guitar, and Webb. Hey, this h'yar dial needs a tweak... Rock, Rock, Rock! It's cool! Jimmy, George and Webb again. Racka-racka beat... get down!! George and Webb, doin' their thing. A horizontal shot of 3/4 of the lineup. How come Tom's almost always alone in these shots? Move to your right, Tom!! :-) I walked 47 miles of barbed wire, I got a cobra-snake for necktie... Webb belts out a tune. I got some money, gimme one more shot... He said "Go kill yourself," I said, "Thanks a lot!!" Time to chaperone the tone... *WHUMP!* The Tone Chaperone does his thing, up close & personal.  (photo credit: Tom Renz) Webb crankin' it up!  (photo credit: Tom Renz) Webb croons and shows us how to make a REALLY uncomfortable chord.  (photo credit: Tom Renz) Webb fretfully frettin'...  (photo credit: Tom Renz) Webb up close.  (photo credit: Tom Renz)

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